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This is the course required by the State of Florida to obtain a Concealed Weapons License/permit.

Today's reasons for a person to carry a gun are many fold.  We advocate the 2nd Amendment; the legal RIGHT to carry concealed handguns and for folks not becoming a victim.  For these and many other reasons, we offer baisc handgun and Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) License/Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) classes for those who qualify.

Our CWP/CCW class is honored in many states for thier Concealed Weapons License/Permit requirement, and the Florida Concealed Weapons & Firearms License you may obtain after taking our course is valid in almost 75% of the United States.  Unlike many other CWP/CCW classes in the local area, the cost of our course includes the handgun rental, ammo, targets, eye & ear protection and the range rental fee.  Instead of offering a one and a half hour class covering just the paperwork, we cover:

  •  - how ammunition works,

  •  - HANDS-ON how to handle revolvers and how they work (.38spl, .357 Magnum, etc.),

  •  - HANDS-ON how to handle simi-auto pistols and how they work (.22LR, .380Auto, 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, etc.),

  •  - how to keep yourself and those around you SAFE while handling firearms,

  •  - HANDS-ON how to correctly and safely hold a handgun,

  •  - how to correctly aim and shoot a handgun,

  •  - how to correctly and safely clear misfires and malfunctions ,

  •  - concealed carrying options and considerations,

  •  - a review of the Florida firearms laws (with a full copy of F.S. 790 to take with you),

  •  - a review of FL's Stand Your Ground law,

  •  - the quickest method to get your FL CWP (... in less than 2 weeks!),

  •  - LIVE FIRE of a 9mm semi-auto pistol,

  •  - and much more.

We keep our class size small on purpose; this way we offer much more personalized instruction, and plenty of one-on-one with each attendee. You'll handle multiple REAL guns with dummy ammunition, "blue" (training) guns, and you'll fire a live 9mm pistol to complete the class.  FL law requires each class participant demonstrate they can discharge a real handgun safely to pass the course.  BEWARE of any class that only uses Airsoft or BB guns, as the law does not qualify them as firearms/handguns. The State of Florida will invalidate any CWP obtained based on shooting a BB, Airsoft or paintball "gun".

Participants will come away from our classes completing the safety course requirement for your Florida CWP/CCW and will be issued a certificate valid towards your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit/License. In Florida, unless exempt, CWP/CCW License applicants must be at least 21 years old.  Our course certificates do not expire.  Therefore, any adult may take the course and apply for their CCW/CWP upon their 21st birthday.

Have questions? Drop us a note to schedule your concealed weapons class or give us a call at (239) 285-4011.

Information from the State of Florida regarding the CWP Licensing process upon completion of this class may be found HERE.

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