Class III Instructions

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Class III/NFA Item Post Purchase Instructions

So, you finally took the plunge and purchased a Class III item (supressor, SBR, SBS or Machinegun). Here's what you need to do to correctly process your new silencer/firearm:

  1. Visit www.SilencerShop.com on a computer (not your cell phone). If not done already, create an account with your full legal name and current address. Purchase the $205 Tax Stamp, and complete your profile. Make sure to let them know in your profile if your registration will be as an individual, or, if not, which type of trust you'll be using. If you have an existing trust already, this is where you'll upload a PDF of it.
  2. Download the Silencer Shop app on your smartphone. Log on using the same user name & password as your Silencer Shop account from the computer. Use the app to take the required passport-type photo. This will be automatically uploaded to your Silencer Shop account for the upcoming ATF Form 4.
  3. If not done already, visit eforms.ATF.gov and create an account here. MAKE SURE to use the same email address and full legal name as your Silencer Shop account, EXACTLY. Create the 4 digit PIN and write it down somewhere. After creating the account, the ATF will email you your account user name. Make sure to write it down; you'll need BOTH these peices of information at a later step. Failure to make sure all the information in your SilencerShop.com and Eforms.ATF.gov account match WILL stop the process at the last step and cause additional delays.
  4. After these steps are done, if not already on file, you will receive an email from Silencer Shop asking you to visit our store with their supplied QR code to have your fingerprints digitally taken.
  5. After all these steps are completed, you will receive an email from Silencer Shop for you to come back into our store to "certify" your pending ATF Form 4. BRING WITH YOU your ATF PIN # and eForms account user name. We certify eForm 4s Mon - Fri 9am to 4pm. Plan on spending between 15 minutes and an hour for this process.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have.